9 Awesome Paint Jobs for the Harley
2015 Sportster Forty-Eight

Harley paint jobs are like tattoos. While they’re not permanent, they are definitely a reflection of the owner. You can paint just the gas tank or opt to paint all body parts. Whatever floats your boat! You can always change it, right?  Here are the best custom paint jobs for your Harley to give you a head start.

1. Soldier’s Salute


“Salute” the powerful machines of wars gone by with a Harley paint job that makes your bike look like it’s ready to fly off an aircraft carrier. A little fake rust to the exterior rivets adds even more rugged authenticity. There are plenty of images online to make your paint job as accurate as possible, from the pin-up girl on the gas tank to the star on the saddlebag.

2. Rusty Piece of Awesomeness


A rusty bike might not sound so appealing, but this Harley paint job will have people doing a double-take. The red-orange-brown functions as a neutral color that helps accentuate the teal. Take caution, because adding too much brown against the brighter teal can make it look muddy. An ombre paint technique works better than sponge when applying the paint to your Harley. Other accent colors that look awesome would be black, gray and burgundy. Also, adding a leather seat or saddlebag will really sell the bike’s rough, hard-ridden look.

3. Lighting Strike


Adding lightning bolts simple design that will make Harley paint job stand out in a “shockingly” good way. Add a personal touch with a background scene like a desert, mountain or city skyline. Remember that less is better here. Don’t overdo the lightning bolts or it will look like a bunch of squiggly lines. You also have lots of color options for the bolts, like maybe a purplish blue is more your style.

4. Your Spirit Animal


Whether you’re a lone wolf, fearless crow or a snake that’s ready to strike, there is no better way to show off your kindred spirit animal than on your bike.  Your Harley paint job is a reflection of yourself, so show that to whoever you’re riding with or riding by. Insects and mythical creatures also apply.

5. The Horror Club


Maybe it’s the scarier the better for your horror Harley paint job. Pick your preferred monster, creature, demon or ghost. Our favorite gold-obsessed Leprechaun (above) shows that you don’t even have to paint your whole bike (that is, of course, if your bike is already green). Just make sure it looks like the real deal. It can’t be stated enough that authenticity can either make or break this kind of paint job.

6. Hell’s Hole


Skeletons are common on Harley paint jobs, but they don’t have to look common, as shown here. The subtle silver flame looks like the gas tank is full of red souls, but you could make your whole bike look like you’re riding out of the fiery pit of hell. Other color options are green, blue, purple and black, and you don’t have to go with skulls. Dare we say “a bat?” Whatever you do, pick a style and go to hell with it!

7. Death at Your Door


Death comes knocking with this Harley paint job. While this might look like just another skeleton, make no mistake. This is the Grim Reaper - the baddest skeleton of all. You can show the Reaper in many ways but be sure to have the scythe and maybe add a few tortured souls and/or a creepy graveyard.

8. In That Little Lace Number


You know the lace trick, right? Take a piece of lace, tape it over your canvas and paint away. The more common lace designs are floral patterns, but there are thousands of lace designs, including Halloween lace with cobwebs. Or get creative with different lace designs on multiple sections of your bike. Let your imagination steer this type of Harley paint job with the help of lace fabric.

9. Keep It Simple

Effectively Simple

If the previous Harley paint jobs are too adventurous for you, you can opt for a simpler route. Just pick your favorite solid colors that go with each other. With the right color combination, you can make a boring bike look hot. Two tone variations are infinite: black/orange red/beige, white/navy blue, etc.

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