Tour Pack Comparison Guide

When it’s time to take to the open road for longer rides on your Harley touring motorcycle, you may find yourself needing more storage space, especially if it’s an overnighter or longer excursion. The best solution is getting Advanblack tour packs and liners for your Harley touring bike. Tour packs are popular additions because they give you lots of extra storage space for longer rides, not to mention they look fantastic. But choosing the right tour pack can make a big difference. This Tour Pack Guide goes through the different sizes and the features of each pack available from Advanblack to help you figure out what kind of tour pack best suits your needs. 

Choosing the right tour pack depends on the distance you plan to ride, how long your trip is going to last, and if you have a passenger. One of the convenient things about tour packs is that you can switch them out easily, depending on your touring needs. Take a look at our YouTube channel which has dozens of videos on all kinds of topics for your Harley, including everything you need to know about tour packs. This helpful video with Steve the Service Technician walks you through assembly and installation of new Advanblack color matched tour packs and liners.

With your purchase of any tour pack, you will receive a back rest, latches, hinges, and keys to the lock. The docking system and hardware are sold separately. The latches, hinges, and docking hardware all come in either chrome or black, so you can match them to suit your style or what you already have installed on your bike. Each pack also comes with a comfortable backrest attached. For more information on our stitched liners, you can check out our video on YouTube.

Razor Tour Pack 

Our Razor Tour Pack is our smallest tour pack and is compatible with ‘97-’21 Harley Davidson Road King, Road Glide, Street glide, and select CVO models. The Razor checks in at 7.9” in the back, 9.8” in the front. It is big enough for everyday use and flows nicely with the contour of your bike. The Razor is ideal for a change of clothes or a laptop.  Just like all Advanblack products, the Razor Tour Pack is available in a wide array of official Harley Davidson colors, so it can be perfectly matched to your bike for a seamless visual experience.

Chopped Tour Pack 

The Chopped Tour pack is our medium sized pack and is compatible with the ‘97-’21 Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide, and select CVO models. The Chopped is best for day trips or shorter excursions. It can fit some helmets, but isn’t built to fit a full face helmet. This one is slightly deeper than the Razor, at 8.7” in the back and 11” in the front. The backrest goes up a little higher and has some cushioning around the sides as well to provide upper back and arm support.

King Tour Pack 

The King Tour Pack measures at 10.4” in the back and 13.4” in the front, making it the deepest and largest Tour Pack Advanblack offers. They are compatible with the ‘97-’21 Road King, Road Glide, Street Glide, and select CVO models. It is perfect for turning your bike into a cross-country machine. It is well-suited for travel of 3+ days or more, or if you are traveling with a partner, because it can fit a full face helmet as well as clothes and other gear. The King Tour backrest is longer at the bottom which offers more support than the Chopped backrest.

No matter what kind of Harley touring bike you own, we have the tour packs and liners to accommodate wherever the open road takes you and whatever it can throw at you. They’re durable and color-matched to any Harley factory color you want. Plus, with minimal skills and effort, you should be able to install your new Harley tour packs yourself. And if you own multiple tour packs for different types of rides, you will be able to swap them out yourself as well. And don’t forget Advanblack;s stitched liners!

We hope this Tour Pack Guide has helped you decide what tour packs and liners are best for you and your needs. Once you get your touring packs installed, you’ll love the convenience, the awesome look, and knowing you’re ready for those long rides that your Harley touring bike was born to take.