6”x9” Saddlebag Speaker Lids for Harley Davidson 14+ Touring Models

One of the most rewarding customizations you can do to your Harley touring model is add 6”x9” saddlebag speaker lids. It’s an easy install, boosts the quality of your sound system, and they look great. Just like all of Advanblack’s products, these are made of durable ABS plastic and guaranteed to match whatever color your Harley Davidson motorcycle happens to be. No other manufacturer of Harley parts and accessories offers a color-match guarantee like Advanblack. There’s no waiting for weeks to get a part and have to wait a few weeks more to get it custom painted.

Can I do the installation on my own?

Absolutely! With Advanblack 6”x9” saddlebag speaker lids, you’ll be ready to install them on your bike right out of the box. You get everything you need to do the installation yourself, including seals, speaker housing, grill, guards, mounting hardware and lid tethers. These are compatible with OEM one-touch hardware. Everything is pre-drilled and ready to install. In fact, Steve, the Service Technician, had never installed saddlebag lid covers before and did both saddlebags in about 10 minutes. Please note that these lids won’t fit if you have CVO power locks.

Installation is self-evident, but a couple of things you should keep in mind. First, put the speaker grates in first. There are small tabs that bend over and keep them in place. Second, the seals will go in last. Lastly, all of the hardware goes right in from where it came out. Just take the hardware out of your current lids, put the new seals in, and it’s good to go. Again, the Advanblack 6”x9” saddlebag speaker lids are color matched perfectly. Guaranteed.

Watch Steve’s review on the color match 6”x9” speaker lids for Harley touring models and see how easy it was for Steve to put these saddlebag speaker covers on his bike.

Does water get into the speaker lids?

Unless you completely avoid bad weather, you’re going to get water, dust, and debris in the housing of the speaker lids. Newer lid covers now have a convenient draining hole that can help keep water from building up. But a little water isn’t a big deal. Your speakers should be built to handle the weather. Just remember that marine-grade speakers will not fit in the 6”x9” speaker lids.

Can I get different grills?

Not on the 6”x9” saddlebag speaker lids, but we have awesome HEX grills for circular speaker grills, including 8”, 6.5” and speaker grills for inner fairings on most Touring models.

Do speakers in the saddlebag make a difference?

If you want to listen to music while you ride, then upgrading your sound system is a no-brainer. Most recent Harley touring models already come with excellent sound systems (some with radios) that are Bluetooth enabled. But you may want to add more speakers and/or swap out the OEM speakers with something different. That’s what the Advanblack 6”x9” saddlebag speaker lids were designed for. If you have the touring pack, you should definitely check out the dual 8” speaker lids for the Razor, Chopped, or King Tour Pack. Combine these lids together for a truly bad-a$$ sound system on your Harley motorcycle!

Purchase Advanblack’s color-matched speaker lids for your saddlebags today!