Advanblack’s New “Reaper” Tour Pack LED Light Bar

At Advanblack, we're constantly looking for new ways to serve our clients when it comes to all their needs in terms of Harley Davidson motorcycle tour packs, bags, and numerous other accessories or items. We're regularly rolling out new products with advanced features to meet your needs. This week we just launched our "Reaper" Tour Pack LED Light!

This light bar serves more than one purpose. It can function as both brake and turn signal lights. This means improved safety and an upgrade to the feel and aesthetics of your machine. Let's learn more about this upgrade -- its basic features and cost, its primary benefits, and why you might consider it for your Harley Davidson motorcycle setup.

"Reaper" Tour Pack Basics and Cost

Our "Reaper" Tour Pack LED light bar features a 3D optic design that's ideal for several of your lights or signals. It comes in a super bright design, one that's meant to make you and your bike much more visible on the road, with either Red or Smoke lens colors available depending on your preference. 

This item retails for $399, a fantastic price for a light bar that comes with multiple quality features. Some of these features include:

  • Both Brake and Running light functions, including all your turn signals and rear running lights.
  • Includes a 3D light pipe design with an LED illuminated light bar.
  • Mounts easily to Advanblack and your Harley Davidson OEM  Tour Pack, giving a clean setup and a more aesthetically pleasing look. 
  • Complete Plug-n-Play features, including a full wire harness, a drilling template, and a short antenna that helps provide your bike with a tuned and customized look.
  • 3D design that's meant to fit the shape of many Harley tour packs.   
  • Available in Smoke and Red lens colors.

We designed this tour pack upgrade in-house at Advanblack, with input from our quality team of motorcycle experts at every step. 

Fitment Considerations

Here are some basic fitment considerations for our "Reaper" Tour Pack LED light product:

  • Fits Advanblack  Chopped, King, and Rushmore OEM tour packs
  • This item will also fit Advanblack Razor tour packs, though there will be a moderate quarter-inch hangover on the lip in these settings.
  • Adapter plugs are available for models from 2013 or earlier, though these are sold separately (for just $35, an affordable price in this realm). 

Detailed Features and Benefits

Let's go into a few of the specific features that come with this upgrade, plus how they benefit motorcycle owners in multiple ways:

  • Super-bright design includes high-intensity LED lights: Brightness is one of our key goals when creating new bike lighting products. We've equipped this light with many LED lights to give you a design that's meant to provide an extra layer of brightness, safety, and security on your Harley Davidson tour pack. Not only this, but these lights come in a modern style that helps improve the look of your bike and its on-road aesthetics.
  • Visibility: Another benefit of the super bright design is visibility on the road, which is a paramount factor for motorcycle riders everywhere, especially those who commonly ride at night.
  • Multiple functions: As noted above, this light bar covers your entire range of rear light functions: Running functions, brake functions, and a full host of turn signal lights -- all in one. This is a huge upgrade for how you can make your bike look, function, and help it be seen by other drivers on the road.
  • Upgraded design, including a 3D light pipe: We're known for our unique designs and our willingness to push forward in new areas when it comes to anything involving Harley Davidson motorcycle setups. This upgrade is meant to give you an extra design element that appeals to more riders, with a 3D light pipe that includes the LED illuminated bar.
  • Easier installation: Most of our lights come with extensive installation features and benefits. This product is no different, though it's meant to fit on Tour Packs for 2014 motorcycles and up. We've designed this upgrade to fit many of our different tour packs, and these instructions are meant to walk you through the included hardware for this setup.
  • Affordable price: At $399, you get all this at a price that's much more affordable than larger aftermarket brands. Other products in this space will run you up to $799 or more, depending on the model and brand. At Advanblack, we're all about providing you with more for less; we want to give you a low price without cutting back on quality, style, or benefits.
  • Complete Plug-n-Play: Between the full wire harness, drilling template, and short antenna that comes with this light setup, you're getting a fully plug-n-play experience that's easy to install and use. This is part of our commitment to offering you the best power accessories on the market, and we're happy to provide more products like this one in the future at Advanblack.
  • Full in-house design and expertise: Because we designed this product ourselves at Advanblack, we know exactly what works, what fits, and how to increase the benefits for you as a motorcycle owner or rider. This light is fully designed in-house by our expert staff. We pride ourselves on giving you top-notch customer service before, during, and after your purchase -- with this product included.