Now you can do a full-color swap on your Harley Davidson

Have you ever wanted to change the color of your Harley Davidson motorcycle? Now you can do a full-color swap on your bike in one fell swoop, save money, and make your bike look like new again.

Advanblack is well-known as one of the best Harley Davidson color-matched parts suppliers in the industry. One of the biggest reasons our customers love our products is that we guarantee everything we sell will perfectly match the original Harley stock color of your motorcycle. We now offer over 100 colors on the parts you’re going to want to upgrade.

We’ve been keeping track of which parts are the most popular to upgrade, such as the stretched covers, fairings, tank covers, and more. Our customers would start with one thing, get the itch for upgrading, and then get more and more parts. In fact, we’ve had a bunch of our loyal customers asking us to create a bundle to make it easier to do a more complete overhaul. We thought it was a great idea, and then we thought we can make it even better… by offering the bundle at a discount.

What is the most common Harley Davidson color?

If you guessed “black,” you guessed right. Black is way ahead of any other color in terms of popularity. But “black” is in the eyes of the beholder. Harley has many colors of black, including Black Forest, Black Quartz, Black Jack Metallic, Black Tempest, Denim Black, Vivid Black, and more. The trick is getting the subtle differences in the colors that make ALL the difference when they’re installed on your bike. 

Knowing these subtle differences is what sets Advanblack apart. We know putting a Black Tempest fairing on a Vivid Black bike won’t work. It’s close, but you can see they’re not the same. That’s why we guarantee the parts you get from Advanblack will match the color you own. It’s perfect every time. 

One thing to note is that it’s up to you to know the exact NAME of the color of your bike. It’s very common that Harley owners don’t know the exact name of the color of their bike. All you need to do is call a Harley dealer, give them your VIN and they can tell you the name of the color (NOT the paint code!). Also, the exact name of the color of your bike isn’t on your title either. Trust us. 

Why would I want to change the colors?

There are a lot of reasons. First, you don’t have to change the color of your bike. Your bike probably has a few nicks and scratches if you ride it often. With this bundle installed in the original color, your bike will look like it came off the showroom floor.

Now, back to the original question. Harley riders have always been “originals”. This is an opportunity to make a change just because you want to. Remember we have over 100 colors to choose from. Maybe your bike is the classic “amber whiskey,” but you were on a ride one day and a bike caught your eye that was “billiard blue.” Now you can swap out the color, and it’s like riding a new motorcycle. At least your friends will think you are!

And our customers are all about upgrading and/or customizing their bikes, whether it’s new or not. The stock parts are fine, but if you want to make your bike “your own”, then it requires some customization. If you already own a Harley, you’ve probably done some customizations already. If you’re new to the Harley scene, you’ll be wanting to customize soon enough, trust us. From the lowers to the fairing to the speaker lids and tank covers, your bike is like a canvas and you’re the painter. This is the ultimate package to do a complete makeover on your bike.

Lastly, it’s a blast. There’s nothing more satisfying than opening the box and pulling out that new part, installing it yourself, and then proudly riding around on your upgraded pride and joy.

What comes in the full-color swap bundle?

It’s a lot, and it’s the stuff most of our customers like to swap. It includes:

·        Outer Fairing Batwing Cowl

·        Reveal Front Wrapped Fender 

·        Stretched Tank Cover

·        Stretched Side Covers

·        4.5” Stretched Saddlebags

·        Normal Saddlebag Lids

·        Dominator Rear Fender

·        Inner fairing

·        Tank Dash Console

·        Mid-Frame Air Deflector

Yeah, it’s a complete package. Check out the complete overview here.

Is it hard to install all the parts?

No, it’s not hard, but it depends on your skill level more than anything. We’ve done dozens of “how-to” videos on our YouTube channel to show you how to swap out almost every Harley part on your bike from fender to fender. All Advanblack parts come to you ready to install. There are only a few parts we sell that require any extra drilling or modifications on your end. (None of those parts are part of this bundle!)

You can do most installations with a socket set, screwdrivers, elbow grease, and some patience come in handy at times. Steve, the service technician, did a full install in about 4 hours (you can see him in action here at Sturgis this past August).

We have install videos for most of these parts on our YouTube channel, but we’ll be doing, even more, install videos for these components over the next few weeks. So keep an eye on our video channel!

Will it fit my Harley Davidson motorcycle?

The full body color swap bundle fits all 2014+ Street Glides, Electra Street Glides, and Ultra Classics. For a detailed fitment list visit our website.

Is it worth it to change the color of my Harley Davidson?

A full-body color swap will help a couple of things. First, self-satisfaction. When you see the finished result of your hard work, you’ll fall in love with your Harley motorcycle all over again. And it can definitely help with resale value. Of course, you’re going to want to hang on to the old parts, just in case.

How much does it cost?

The total cost for the bundle is just over $3,000, saving you a few hundred bucks if you purchased all the parts separately.

Make your bike look like new again with an Advanblack full body color swap, with our color match guarantee!