Halo LED Turn Signal Lights

As Harley riders, we know that customizing your bike is a rite of passage. There’s nothing like the feeling of the first ride with a new part you’ve installed yourself. That’s why we pay close attention to the parts we make. Our goal is to design easy to install, gorgeous looking parts that give you that thrill every time you ride.

This is why we recently introduced new Halo LED Turn Signal lights to our product line. These lights will help you to be seen, but also help your bike to look great.

Adding these bright, white LED lights makes your bike far more visible than traditional lights. The halo effect also adds another dimension to the bike helping you stand out on the road while adding some additional personality and style to your ride.  They are a simple but worthy upgrade for any Harley touring motorcycle. 

If you are switching from incandescent lights to LED, you may experience some hyper flashing due to the change in voltage that is being drawn to flash your signal light. Steve, the Advanblack’s Service Technician, walks riders through the syncing process and how to stop the hyper-flashing in the video above. 

Please note:

2014+ models can be reflashed for these LED lights. (Please see our video for a tutorial).

2013 and older models would require load resistors installed. We do not currently sell load resistors.  However, they are readily available on amazon and ebay.

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