Dealer Profile: Gil from Motorcycle Sound Systems

Our team at Advanblack has had the opportunity over the past few years to get closer to many of our exceptional dealers across the country. One amazing example of this is Motorcycle Sound Systems in Miami, Florida. We sat down with their owner Gilbert to learn more about him and his business.

Gil started the company in early 2019 and worked out of his own garage for the first two years. He may not have any formal electronics training or degrees, but he makes up for it with experience. He’s been working on motorcycles and their sound systems since he was a kid.

After he received his MBA (Masters in Business Administration), he decided it was time to level up his business. Originally, his focus was on installing aftermarket sound systems and accessories. He asked himself: What is in demand? What is there a need for?

His answer: high-quality after-market parts that can be self-installed. 

He made it his mission to find these parts. After exploring different brands and products, he and his team discovered Advanblack’s Saddlebags and 8in Speaker Lids.

They soon started to develop a great relationship with our team at Advanblack and eventually met up with our tech Steve to work on a build together! Soon MSS started connecting their clients with many of our other products and even built audio system’s around those products.

What was your first-ever motorcycle?

1992 Honda CBR

What are some things you love about the biker community? 

“I like to refer to it as the ‘Common Ground.’ Most riders have one thing in common; they love the outdoors, traveling, and maintaining their bikes.

I started riding as a kid growing up in Puerto Rico. I rode anything that would go fast – it didn't matter what the brand or type was.

Back in the early 90’s, I was in the Army at the time, I came back from Somalia and was in Kansas at the time. Everybody had a Harley Davidson except for me. A buddy of mine let me borrow his while he was on leave and once I started riding it I recognized the difference. I recognized the comfort, the smooth ride, and what it meant to be part of the community. It wasn’t just about being fast, but how you built your bike, making it look good, enjoying the long stretches of road, and these long rides.

It’s all about coming together.” 

How is Advanblack different from other companies you have worked with?

“The practicality of their product is focused on the rider and their needs. Other companies’ focus is just to push a product that allegedly meets rider's needs. Depending on the company, the product may be of good quality, but not a good application or vice-versa.

Our flagship setup is four speakers with black 8inch lids and it’s really awesome equipment. I would even dare to say that through our craft and their products, we have helped create a flyweight category in the motorcycle sound system competition – based on our original build.

Miami is sort of the Mecca of the motorcycle audio scene, it’s where it all started. So when we started experimenting with Advanblack, there were a lot of naysayers because we were using products manufactured in China.

But as soon as we started getting these bikes out on the street, people could see the quality and the color-match options and could see that they were great products. 

Nobody’s perfect, but one of the reasons I've liked working with them is because they're so into research and development and making things better; which is something that we do so much on our side. “

What can we expect to see from Motorcycle Sound Systems in the future? 

“We definitely want to engage even more with Advanblack. Their products are directly related to what we do. I currently have their new 8inch Tour Pack Lid on my bike that I am personally field testing. People love it! I get asked about it all the time and want to know where they can get it.

We want to continue to build on our self-installation process and produce bigger builds beyond the four-speaker set up as Advanblack continues to enhance their products.”