Customize Your Harley With Color-Matched Inner Fairings

When you start customizing components on your Harley Davidson, a lot of riders choose to start with the inner fairing.  While it’s not the easiest install, it’s definitely something you can do on your own, and it’s the part you look at most when you’re riding proudly on your bike (aside from the road ahead!)..

Whether your bike is a new or an older model, one of the first things you’re going to do when swapping out components is pick a color (or maybe more than one). Sometimes you’ll be matching to the bike’s original color, but you may also be interested in swapping out for a new color. Harley is famous for its wide selection of colors and the cool names they come up with. Over the years, Harley has offered up over 100 colors, from Snake Venom and Black Tempest to Morocco Gold Pearl and Stiletto Red. Once you choose a color that suits you, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone else riding in your group that has the same color.

It’s important to note that in terms of the color of your bike, you need to know the color by its EXACT Harley Davidson OEM color name. If you don’t know it, you can call any Harley dealer, give them the VIN, and they can tell you the exact name. Just remember to tell the dealer that you only need the name of the color and not the paint code.  

Why should I start with the inner fairing?

As we said, the inner fairing is one of the more challenging components to install on your own. But the upside is that once you tackle this, installing other parts will be a breeze. You’ll love the results once it’s in place and feels great about the handiwork you accomplished. 

Let’s start with the Batwing Inner Speedometer Cowl Fairing, which fits almost all Harley Davidson Electra Glide, Street Glide, and Ultra models that are 2014 and up. Be sure and check your specific fitment before ordering, or give us a call. This Batwing also fits models with handlebar-mounted mirrors. But if you have fairing-mounted mirrors, you’ll have to drill two small holes for mounting. For more information on installs, check out our YouTube video channel

Most OEM fairings are matte black. Now you can start customizing your bike with just about any Harley color available. This batwing comes in 85+ colors! So unless you have a Harley limited edition paint job, like Inferno Red, or you have a totally custom job, we’ll probably have your bike’s color. You can also get the Batwing with Hex Speaker Grills for your sound system that is also color-matched. They look great and add a nice touch. 

If you have a Harley Road Glide, 2015 and up, you’ll need a different type of inner fairing

Why are Advanblack fairings better than the other aftermarket fairings?

One thing that sets Advanblack apart from other aftermarket fairings is the time we’ve spent to ensure the lines between the outer fairing and inner fairings are clean. There should be no big gaps between them once you install the outer fairing. This happens all the time with aftermarket parts. We’ve even seen Harley OEM fairings that didn’t have clean lines. It will drive you crazy if you get the inner fairing installed and there are gaps you have to look at every time you go for a ride. 

Second, most aftermarket fairings are strictly ABS, and that’s fine for many of the components on your bike. The inner fairing, however, needs to be more durable. Our inner fairings are made with Noryl GTX (a GE product), otherwise known as PA/PPE plastic. It’s incredibly stable and resistant to heat, chemicals from the road, and perhaps most importantly, impact. In fact, lots of high-end cars use PA/PPE plastic as well. It’s top-of-the-line. 

Also, with the Road Glide, you have the option of adding a Gauge Cover as well as an Air Duct Fairing. And while you’re at it, the Road Glide also can handle our “Attack” LED headlight, which is aggressive looking, tough, and super bright. 

What to know more about this inner fairing? Check out this YouTube video.

How do I get started? 

First, you have to know the name of the color of your bike. Remember, this is your responsibility. If you “think” it’s Vivid Black, but aren’t entirely positive, it’s worth the time to make sure you know. 

Second, check out the parts on our website, select the right color and order the parts you want. Then, it’s knowing what tools you’re going to need. If you’re doing the installation yourself, you probably have all the tools you need, which is typically a socket set, screwdrivers, and protective cloth to keep any parts of your bike from getting scratched during the installation. 

Feel free to give us a call to talk about installation and get some helpful tips. If you get stuck, we’re only a phone call (or email) away!