Advanblack’s New Custom Cobra Seat and Backrest Info

When it comes to making your Harley-Davidson riding trips as comfortable and simple as possible, the pros at Advanblack are your one-stop-shop. We provide a huge range of parts and accessories to our clients, from fairing and body parts to tour packs, saddlebags, liners, and numerous other products that will bring you a combination of additional storage space and incredible aesthetics as you set off for any motorcycle adventure.

This means we’re always in the process of creating and launching new products for our clients, and we want to bring you all the important information you need on any of our new equipment when it’s launched. 

Recently, we launched our Cobra Seat and Backrests, and we’re incredibly excited to get this new product to many of our clients and gauge their opinions on it and how it works for their overall setup. The Backrests will be sold separately from the Seat and will have the ability to attach to our various Tour Packs models. We offer both Wrap around and small size backrest to suit your tour packs.

How do our Back Rests, Seats, and Tour Packs work in coordination with one another, and what are some important details to be aware of when it comes to the Cobra upgrade we launched? Here’s a general primer. 

Understanding Back Rests, Seats, and Tour Packs

Before we dig into the details of the Cobra line upgrade, we think it’s important for clients to understand how some of our primary motorcycle components work together to provide a combination of comfort and storage. Here’s a quick word on three fixtures that combine to create this effect:

  • Seat: The seat is a vital component of any motorcycle, and particularly for touring models . The seat will be sold on its own and will help define important factors like riding comfort, bike aesthetics, and a few related areas. 
  • Tour Pack: Those taking longer motorcycle trips have a need for storage while they do so, and this is where the Tour Pack comes in. The Tour Pack serves as a fantastic storage area for any of your basic items.
  • Backrest: Finally, the Backrest is important if you carry a passenger with you. It provides vital back support to the passenger. 

If you have any questions about how our touring model setups tend to work together, or for information on the compatibility of components with various brands, speak to our staff today. 

Cobra Seat and Backrest Product Details

Now that you have a baseline of information about how our products work, let’s delve into our new Cobra Custom Stitching Seat and Backrest that we’re incredibly excited for the world to see. These products will provide the following qualities:

  • These products are meant to be compatible with all Harley-Davidson Touring Models from the year 2008 on up.
  • The Cobra seat will have the same fitment as the standard Touring seat, again allowing for simple coordination with prior setups without breaking the bank.
  • This seat utilizes our proprietary “Gel-Lab” technology, which increases the comfort and coolness of the rider in several ways. This technology reduces the amount of road impact and vibration that the rider feels, making rider fatigue a much more limited concern during long trips.
  • In addition, the high-density foam we utilize for this product will conform to your shape making the ride even more comfortable. 
  • With the Cobra seat, customers will have the ability to choose from multiple colors of stitching and piping.
  • The Cobra seat is made using a machined plastic baseplate, offering a fantastic combination of comfort and long-term durability to the rider. 

Fitment Considerations

As we noted above, the Cobra upgrade will be applicable to all Harley-Davidson touring models from 2008 on up. Some specific examples of bike models that this upgrade will fit into include:

  • Harley-Davidson Road King models (2008 to 2021)
  • Harley-Davidson Street Glide models (2008 to 2021)
  • Harley-Davidson Street Glide Trike models (2010 and 2011)
  • Harley-Davidson Electra Glide (2008 to 2021)
  • Harley-Davidson Road Glide (2008 to 2021)
  • Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide (2009 to 2021)

If you have questions, simply contact our team for assistance.