Upgrade to the best LED bike lights for riding at night (and day!)

One of the first things most Harley Davidson motorcycle owners notice when they get their bikes is that the headlight is just so-so. And it’s true. The stock headlight from Harley is just an average headlight, and it’s one of the first things most Harley owners change when they start customizing a bike. But there are lots of options out there, and we want to give you an idea of what you can get from Advanblack and why it’s a good idea to swap out the headlight.

 Why replace the factory headlights?

To be perfectly clear, the factory headlights are just fine, and you can ride to your heart’s content with it. Otherwise, Harley Davidson wouldn’t install them. The stock headlights you get from Harley are incandescent and are completely street-legal, but truth be told, they want you to upgrade to their Daymaker headlight. The Daymaker is an awesome LED headlamp, but it’s also about three times the money you will spend on other top-quality LED headlights, such as Advanblack’s Pro Radiance series.

Upgrading your headlight (and passing lights) is a customization that can really impact visibility during night riding or provide more visibility of you to OTHER drivers during the day. Whether you’re on a busy freeway or out in the country with all kinds of animals crossing the road, a better headlight is a small investment to increase the safety of you and your passengers.

Advanblack LED headlights are up to 3x brighter than stock headlights. The low beams emit 3,600 LM (@27W) and high beams are 5,400 LM (@38W). The 6,000k color temperature gives you a cool white look that most riders prefer (no blue tint). And don’t worry; it’s not like the additional power is going to blind anyone. You’ll just see everything more clearly

What’s the difference between HID and LED?

When you’re researching headlights, you’ll read about HID lights, which are a little cheaper, but the positives for LEDs outweigh the small price difference. LED lights use electricity to illuminate a “light emitting diode.” HID lights (or high-intensity discharge) use an electrical arc between two electrodes through plasma or gas. That’s the techy difference. For you, LED lights last way longer and use less energy. But in a real-world situation, HID lights can take a moment to actually illuminate. In fact, if you get HID lights, your high beam will be halogen because the HID light can’t fire up quickly enough to be safe. Advanblack sells LED lights exclusively. No HID at all.

Why should I get an Advanblack headlight?

We encourage our customers to shop around because we’re confident you like our products and customer service. When it’s time to upgrade your current headlight, you should look at Advanblack’s 7 inch “Pro Radiance” LED headlight for Harley Touring, Softail and Indian motorcycles. It’s an LED Projector style headlight that fits most Harley Touring models. They are DOT approved and brighten up the night with a natural light (not the bluish color light).

Like all our headlights, they go through rigorous testing and pass strict regulations to meet and exceed both federal and international standards. They are designed to replace your OEM headlights and are easy to install. They are one piece and completely waterproof. You can also get the 7” Pro Radiance headlights with 2 passing lights. And they come in either chrome or black to better suit your bike’s trim. Our buzz-free technology means you won’t get a buzzing interference sound on your radio when the headlight is illuminated. All of our headlights have tough, polycarbonate lenses, and the LED bulbs are shock and vibration-resistant.

You can also get the Pro-Radiance headlight with passing lights as well.

If you choose the Pro-Radiance headlight and are installing this yourself, here’s a helpful video from Steve the Service Technician to help you figure it out. Don’t worry. It’s easy, and you can do it without removing the fairing (if you have one).

We also have the “Attack” LED headlight for ‘15+ Harley Road Glides and the Pro Fuzion for the Harley Touring, Softail and Indian bikes.

Do you have the “halo” style?

Why yes, we do! The Halo effect is getting more popular thanks to high-end car designers. The halo light, or corona ring, is a ring light that surrounds the LED light. It gives your bike a slicker look, but it doesn’t really help with anything practical like visibility. Some say it helps with your visibility during the day, and if it makes you feel more comfortable, go for it! It’s certainly an added flair that a lot of Harley owners prefer.

Our Pro Radiance series has the HALO option and includes passing lamps. If you’re doing the installation, you’ll want to check out this video.

How do I know it’s going to fit?

The Advanblack Pro Radiance series fits almost all touring models, including Road Kings, Electra Glides, Softails, Fat Boys, Heritage, CVOs, and Indian bikes, but depending on the year and model, you may need a different wire harness or mounting kit. Check out our website or give us a call and we can make sure you’re getting all you need for the install.

Get the best LED headlight for your Harley Davidson Touring motorcycle at Advanblack!