Advanblack 2021 Summer Adventure Photo Contest Winners!

Advanblack 2021 Summer Adventure Photo Contest Winners!

This summer we wanted to get to know our community a little better, so we launched our Summer Adventure Photo Contest. Entrants from all over the world sent in beautiful photos of the places they rode this summer. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the number of people who were eager to share their experiences with us through the 2021 Summer Adventure Photo Contest. As we sorted through more than 400 photos, it was really amazing and fulfilling for our team to see Advanblack’s motorcycle parts travel the world.

Thank you to all those who participated in our contest by sending in photos and voting on our Instagram. As a token of our appreciation, all those who sent in their photos will be receiving a 10% off coupon to our online store. Keep an eye out for more Advanblack Community events! You could win the next one! 

First Place - Joshua Comer

We are pleased to announce that the first-place winner is Joshua Comer and his photo from Preble County, Ohio. We were impressed by the way his photo truly captures the way it feels to be out on the road, just you and your bike. His Road Glide features Advanblack front fenderstretched tank coverstretched bags, and a rear fender extension.  He has won $2,000 in store credit to Congratulations!

Second Place - Travis Fitzgerald

The runner-up is Travis Fitzgerald and his photo in Raccoon Mountain, Tennessee. His Road Glide has '14 Up stretched saddlebags and a '14 up rear fender extension. Congratulations! We love the way you showed your relationship and love for your bike in one photo. We hope you spend your $1,000 in store credit well! 

Third Place - Brent Markland

And finally, our third-place winner is Brent Markland, whose summer adventure took him to the gorgeous Garden of the Gods, Colorado. We loved the way his photo shows off the view and his Street Glide, which features a stretched tank covermid-frame deflectors'13 down side covers, '13 down stretched saddlebags, and rear fender extensions. Your $500 in-store credit to is on its way!