Riding Through New York

Best Places to Ride in New York 

New York is well known for its impact on pop culture, fashion, theatre, and business. However, outside the city, you can find places to take your bike and just explore. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite routes all across the state. 

The Catskill Preserve 

Driving the 100 mile loop will take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours, and is well worth the trip. This road is paved and not as crowded as those in other parts of the state, so you'll have a smooth ride, long stretches of open road, and remarkable views from the overlooks. The route itself starts in Catskill, on Rt. 23 which connects to Durso Corner. There you will get on Rt 296 which will take you back to Rt. 23. 

You can ride this any time of year, but it is especially beautiful in the fall. Along the route, you’ll be surrounded by the Catskill Mountain range, pass through small towns, and be able to see reservoirs, fields, and livestock. There are also places to stop and enjoy the view or venture off and hike the trails. A popular place to pull off and explore is the Kaaterskill Falls 

The Hudson River Bridge Tour

The Bridge Tour covers approximately 70 miles and could take you 2-4 hours to complete, depending on how many stops you take to admire the view. The George Washington Bridge is the first one you will see on this tour of bridges spanning the Hudson River. You'll head west following the river, stopping at stunning bridges on the way. The views are breathtaking here! 

Harriman State Park offers scenic views of the valley, so be sure to stop there on your bike to tour the summit. You'll reach Storm King State Park using the Storm King Parkway, which is known for its twisting and winding roads. We recommend also stopping by West Point Military Academy and checking out the tours and museum there. You'll find impressive architecture in Tarrytown, so feel free to stop and rest here. 

Long Island North Shore

Long Island North Shore is a great place for a refreshing, low-stress bike ride. The whole drive is about 60 miles long and could last 3-6 hours depending on how frequently you decide to stop along the way. Starting in Glen Cove, you'll bike through neighborhoods of beautiful, affluent homes. Cross the bridge over to Oyster Bay, where the road hugs Long Island Sound. There are plenty of outdoor restaurants to stop at and enjoy the atmosphere, or you can find places to walk on the beach or stretch your legs. History awaits you on the next leg of the tour with Teddy Rooseve’s House and Target Rock. This ride has everything from the beach, to American history, to authentic East Coast food. 

There’s nothing quite like getting to experience all that New York has to offer from your motorcycle. No matter where you decide to venture or explore, we wish you safe travels.