Advanblack Color-Matched 19" Reveal Wrapper Hugger Front Fender

You rely on your bike for lots of things. You take it to work, school, and on weekend adventures. It’s your ticket to freedom, and it’s not just a piece of equipment. It’s your partner in adventure. It’s your everything. Your bike is supposed to keep you safe, but also look great and perform well. 

That’s why we designed the all-new 19 Inch Reveal Front Fender. It’s the same as our incredibly popular 21 Inch Reveal Front Fender but in the stock 19” size for those who don’t want to upgrade to the 21” wheel.

Although this hugger fender is made of heavy gauge steel, it still has a low-profile design that gives your bike a sleek contour. It’s a nice alternative to the plastic fenders found on most motorcycles and is guaranteed to give your bike a unique look to stand out from the crowd.

Many riders spend their hard-earned money on premium wheels and want to show them off. These fenders still offer protection from dirt and debris while still exposing your wheel, in a classy way. It eliminates the bulk of the stock fender and aesthetically contours both the tire and the wheel.

Just like the 21 Inch fenders, you can get the 19 Inch wrapper hugger fenders color-matched, ready-to-install, and with all of the spacers and bolts you need!

Our service technician, Steve, walks us through a detailed look and installation instructions. Watch the video below to learn more! 

*Spacers are available for '86 to '13 and '14 to '21 models