Meet the 'Chase the Dream' Contest Winners: Inspiring Stories

In January, we ran a contest in our Facebook Group to give away an El Sueno Airbrush Full Body Bundle kit and received some phenomenal stories from riders across the country. Seeing everyone’s bike and reading their stories was a joy, and congratulations to the winners!

And if you missed out on the contest, don’t miss out on this amazing bundle. The El Sueno Airbrush Full Body Bundle comes with everything you need to turn your Harley Davidson motorcycle into a paint brush masterpiece and turn heads at the same time. This premium bundle comes with color-matched painted tank console, mid-frame air deflectors, stretched saddlebags, rear fender… and the list goes on. It fits most Glide models ‘14 and up. And again, thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and to our awesome winners.

1st place - Full body color swap bundle in El Sueno Airbrush
Winner, Spence Titus Hulburt
“This is my 2022 Road Glide Limited, my 5th Harley that I've owned. We traveled through 15 states together this last year. I bought my first Harley while I was deployed to Baqubah, Iraq and have been in love ever since. I now run around the country putting 10 to 20 thousand miles on a year (good ole short season in the northland) with our veterans motorcycle association, attending different events and meeting other veterans. Motorcycles have given me so many opportunities and carried me through my dark times after my military service.
Winning the grand prize would draw so much attention to my bike and would hopefully break the ice to talk with more folks and bring awareness to our group's mission. I've always wanted to have a stand out bike to match my crazy personality and this would definitely do it. My bike takes me on so many adventures but having this opportunity would give it a whole new attitude and a reason to be in love with it!“

“You people picked a real winner for first place - and I’m very happy for him! Spencer is well known and liked all over the country - as a really great representative of the Combat Veterans Association. He travels on his scooter all over the USA to attend charity rides, and other events… Way to go - Spence!” - Bill B., Facebook Group Member

Second Place - $1000 Advanblack store credit
Winner, Danny Dyle
“I am the current owner of a 2014 Street Glide. Current color is charcoal pearl. A little history about me… I have rode bikes my entire adult life and started early on crotch rockets then grew up and matured to enjoying the ride and wanting a Harley Davidson for cruising and seeing our beautiful country from the seat of my bike. It has always been my dream to have a Street Glide, and about 5 years ago I fell in love with a gorgeous '14 SG, but unfortunately I couldn't afford insurance on the bike, so I didn't purchase it.

Fast forward 2 months and still on the search for my future bike and insurance shopping. I knew I wanted a touring bike with hard bags and ultimately I wanted an SG still but was out of reach. Upon more research I realized that vivid black was the most popular and I didn't want to be another bike in a crowd and then I found a beautiful pearl white Road King and the best part it wasn't vivid black. So I purchased and rode that RK for easily 35k miles over the next several years, when I came across a charcoal pearl ‘14 SG and it fit me perfect, and once again it wasn't vivid black so I decided to trade up my RK for my dream bike.

Now I have a Street Glide I've always wanted and I'm a hard working 50-60 sometimes more hours a week to afford this life we live. I'd love to change so much about my bike to make it uniquely mine and a full color swap would definitely set me apart so this would be life changing because I can't afford to make a drastic change such as this currently. I do all of my own wrenching on the bike so that would be another great addition to say I put in there to color swap my bike and I'd be forever grateful and would advertise about how much this company does and the quality of their products.”

Third Place - $500 Advanblack store credit
Winner, Wanderlust Brat
“The proud owner of a stock 2015 Road Glide. Since 2006, my mother wanted to live on the wild side and be able to ride off into the sunset. She expressed herself through her midlife crisis when, she bought her first Harley, a 1200 Sportster. That Sportster was our bike, we learned to ride together, and she was there to pick me up after my first drop. Then we both struggled to pick up the bike. That little Sportster helped create and bring forth a new bond for mother and daughter.

Fast forward we went from just a cruiser house to adding a sport bike. To the pandemic hitting the world and forcing everyone inside. To my mother being diagnosed with Dementia, which progressed rapidly, and I lost my first riding buddy. Months and months of struggling to find assistance to aid with my mother’s care. Then I was recovering from an accident which took place on my sport bike.

So, I took the time and found my Mr. Heavy and brought him home. The day I got to show her the new bike, her eyes lit up as if we hit gold and for what seemed like hours she was back. She exclaimed how proud she was of me, asked how I liked it, made suggestions for changing it for me and asked to ride.

So this color swap would mean the world to me. It will give me the chance to change my stock RG to a color more befitting of my mothers wishes for my mothers wishes for me.”

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the “Chase the Dream” contest. The emotions and gratitude we saw in the entries showed everyone here at Advanblack that the work we do is more than just Harley Davidson motorcycle products. Thanks for letting us be a part of your journeys!