New Advanblack Lower Fairing Switchback Flare LED Lights

The changes ahead are now clearly visible!

Our new Advanblack Lower Fairing Switchback Flare LED Lights replace the OEM lower radiator heat grills or filler plates with a custom insert that’s covered in bright LEDs. The inserts are intended to provide visibility for your bike whenever running lights are on: daytime, nighttime, and turning.

Installation is a direct replacement that requires no splicing thanks to plug and play wiring. These lights are designed to work with 2014 and newer Harley Motorcycles. Our high-power, lower fairing lights leverage powerful LEDs to showcase your bike’s distinguishing features and provide an additional level of security on the road.

They are exceptional daytime running lights that are easy on the eye and bright dual beams for high illumination on dark roads at night. This illumination is equipped with 80 super bright LED chips with two power systems for maximum front-end lighting at 10W and turn signals with 16W power to enhance visibility and ensure safety on the road, even in the rain with our waterproof design. 

With these Lower Fairing Lights, we offer a Lifetime LED Warranty for supreme customer satisfaction! They are designed to easily replace the front radiator grill or the cover plate of the lower fairings which is quickly accessible and aimed to maximize rider experience.