Get Travel-Ready with a Harley Color Match Tour Pack

Ask a Harley Davidson motorcycle owner how they like to ride, and you’ll get a bunch of different answers. Some only take short drives on the weekend to a favorite spot for lunch. Others may take overnighters to see friends. Then there are the riders who are more adventurous and take longer trips across the state or across the country. And no matter where your road leads you, an Advanblack Color Match Tour Pack can help stow and protect your gear.

However you ride, having a Color Match Tour Pack makes a world of difference for convenience and peace-of-mind. Advanblack has several to choose from that match not only the color of your bike, guaranteed, but also your lifestyle. We have tour packs for almost all ’97-’22 Harley Davidson Touring Softails and come in three sizes to fit your needs. All are fairly easy installations, and we have a link to an installation video later in this article.

Are they big enough to carry my gear?

It depends on your gear. The Rushmore Razor Tour Pack is small and compact, giving you some carrying capacity without taking away the lean look of the bike. It’ll easily fit a laptop and change of clothes but is probably too small if you need to take much more with you.

The next size up is the Rushmore Chopped Tour Pack, and it has about as much room as a carry-on roller bag that you fly with. It has 3,285 cubic inches and is easily enough space to carry what you need for an overnighter or more.

The big daddy is the Rushmore King Tour Pack at 4,290 cubic inches. While all of our Tour Packs come with a padded seat back, this one is designed for longer rides for those with cross-country aspirations. For a single day trip, it’s big enough to hold two full-face helmets so you can lock them up while you get a bite to eat.

If you're into a more custom look, we also have the El Sueno Series Airbrushed Tour Pack and the Ravager Series Airbrushed Tour Pack. Sweet.

What else will I need to install the Tour Pack?

The Tour Packs come with the backrest, hinges, latches, lock kit and a metal base plate. They also come with a retractable tether on the lid, which is handy for not getting it tangled. What you will have to get extra is the 4-point docking hardware, and depending on the model, you will need a mounting rack. Just check out the fitment on our website or give us a call to make sure you get what you need. For all the hardware, including latches and hinges, you can choose either black or chrome.

Aside from the docking hardware and mounting rack, there are some other accessories you should consider. Top of the list is custom liners, which come in a few different colors. The liners keep your stuff from rattling around and can help protect your valuables from getting damaged.

Other upgrades include our LED lighting package for the back, as well as a luggage rack (no lighting.) Finally, if you like to ride with music, Advanblack has a dual 8” speaker lid that will fit any of the three standard Tour Packs but not the Airbrushed Tour Packs.

Is the Tour Pack difficult to install?

It’s actually one of the easier installs. The tour packs come pre-drilled for mounting it to your bike as well as attaching the backrest. As for mounting, you will need to order the 4-point docking system and the mounting bracket separately. The mounting bracket makes the tour pack a quick detach from your bike, if you need to take it off. All of the other things you need come with the tour pack, such as hinges, the lock, tether, and a metal reinforcement plate.

The first thing you’ll do is attach the mounting bracket to the tour pack. The tip here is that these brackets have curved edges at the bottom, so you’ll need to use a little cardboard box or something to stabilize it on your workbench. A few nuts and bolts later, it’s good to go. The bracket has slots that allow you to adjust the distance for the comfort of your passenger. You may need to go on a couple of rides to get it the way you want it.

If you get the custom liner, here’s a great tip. It comes kind of folded up in the packaging, making it stiff and hard to work with. Pop it in the dryer on LOW heat for a few minutes. It comes out super pliable and makes for a much easier install.

Steve the service technician has this helpful video to walk you through the entire mounting process.

If you want to get more advice about tour packs and what might be right for you, go ahead and join our Facebook group and let our members help you out.

As with all of our products, the tour packs are guaranteed to color match, so order with confidence and enjoy your next ride with an Advanblack Color Match Tour Pack!