Dual 8 Inch Tour Pack Speaker Lid

Dual 8 Inch Tour Pack Speaker Lid 

Turn it up with our Dual 8-inch Tour Pack Speaker Lid

Stereo systems, like CD players, are fairly common on Harley Davidson motorcycles, and they sound pretty nice. The current standard is the Boom! Audio sound system, which is Bluetooth enabled so you can connect just about any music player. If you have a Street Glide, Ultra Glide or Tri-Glide you probably have a radio as well. 

But can you really hear the music when you’re cruising down the road? Yes, you can! Just bear in mind that the quality of the sound is determined by the sound system (fairings help immensely!). If you’re really into your music, you’ll probably want to upgrade your sound system with more power, better speakers, and more of them. The optimal place for speakers is in the covers of your storage compartments, like saddlebags, the touring pack, and the inner fairings.

If you're looking for the best way to add some serious audio to your Harley touring pack, the Dual 8-inch Tour Pack Speaker Lid is a must-have. It’s designed specifically for your Advanblack or Harley touring pack, including the Razor, Chopped and King Tour Pak.

For sure there are other places on your bike to put speakers, such as a 6”x9” in your saddlebag lids or 6.5” in the fairings. The more speakers the better, right? But if you want to get the most out of your sound system, buy the best 8” speakers your budget can handle and mount them in our Dual 8-Inch Speaker Lid.

Our Dual 8-Inch Tour Pack Speaker Lid comes color matched from Advanblack and is available in any color we offer. You can purchase the speaker lid separately as an addition to your current tour pack or purchase the tour pack with this already installed! 

The speaker grills for the lids come in ABS color match and also anodized aluminum. You can get them in any color we currently offer. Something to consider is that your speaker grills don’t have to color match your bike either. You might choose a contrasting color or something a little more subtle – totally up to you! We have some new HEX grills (which look awesome) and custom spacers available too. Our HEX grills also come in sizes to fit other speakers on your bike, including 6.5”, 14up inner fairings and 13down inner fairings.

Many of you will want to do the installation yourself, and it’s not a big deal. But there are some customizations you’ll have to do yourself. Most 8” speakers you buy come with a 1” bullet tweeter. You don’t have to mount the tweeter, but it makes a ton of difference to the sound. Since tweeters come in a variety of sizes, the holes on the speaker lid are not drilled out. This is something you’ll have to do to custom match your particular tweeter. Again, it’s not a big deal, but something you should be aware of. Check out this video of Steve, the Service Technician, giving you the rundown of the Dual 8-Inch Tour Pack Speaker Lid and installation instructions.

Also remember that Advanblack does not currently sell speakers, so just make sure you get speakers that can handle the weather. And please be aware that if you have 8” marine grade speakers, they will not fit with this speaker lid.

Our Dual 8-Inch Tour Pack Speaker Lid is the perfect product upgrade for any Harley owner who wants to get a big sound from their bike. Once you get your music thumping, you’ll wonder how you ever rode your bike without it. Plus, when you're parked at your favorite watering hole, you’ll have tunes to keep the party going.