MSS Sound-Off & Bike Show

On August 8, 2021, we were able to celebrate a successful year with the Motorcycles Sound Systems in Miami at their Sound-Off & Bike Show in Florida. Anyone and everyone was welcome to participate in this free, community event. It was an opportunity for us to reflect on our accomplishments and also share our knowledge with the public. 

Participants were able to enter their bikes into a variety of contests and compete for prizes in 5 categories, including as “Featherweight,” “Ground-Pounder,” “Lightweight,” “Welterweight,” and “Open.” The entries included gorgeous custom bikes that would blow your mind! Prizes were awarded later that night, after the judges scored all the showings. 

Advanblack was the primary sponsor of the Bike Show, and awarded the 1st Place Sound-Off Winners with certificates of purchase of our unique, color-matched products. The other “Best of Show” Trophies were awarded by one of the other sponsors, SPL Bagger Audio, who also happens to be one of our exceptional dealers. 

It was a lot of fun to sponsor and attend an event as impressive as this. We always love to meet members of the Advanblack community and the biker community at large!  It truly was incredible to see how many people turned out to celebrate the biker life with us. We’re so excited to see what kinds of bikes show up next year!